Pharmaceutical Tracking & Data Services

Our Pharmaceutical tracking and data services will lead to advanced planning and forecasting abilities. We combine Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, so our customers know what to manufacture, when to manufacture it, in which quantities and for which territories. This will create significant efficiencies and costs savings for our customers.

MedTrace provides an enterprise ready Blockchain solution which provides end to end provenance of pharmaceutical products. Our solution seals the pharmaceutical supply chain from fake or substandard medicines, thereby safeguarding consumers who can use our free Consumer Confidence App to check the authenticity of medicinal products.

Since our tracking services are based on Blockchain, we can ensure data integrity, it is immutable and incorruptible. MedTrace provide advanced and sophisticated data analysis based on data which can be trusted allowing our customers to make accurate and data driven decisions.

Since MedTrace is sensor and technology neutral, we can work with our customer preferences and their legacy technology systems. Not only is this cost effective, it means that our solutions can truly digitize and future proof your operations.

Strategically, we have ensured that we use innovative technologies so our solution can work anywhere in the world by using mobile phone technology and various proprietary software technology development by MedTrace.

Benefits Of Our Solution

Business & Costs

  • Digitize and modernize your company processes and procedures
  • Enable your business to become a data centric company
  • Reduce costs through automation of processes
  • Exceptionally fast and precise recall process
  • Streamline returns and thereby reduce costs/fraud

Tech & Insights

  • Aggregate data from diverse legacy systems
  • Ensure data integrity by creating immutable and incorruptible records on Blockchain therefore regulator friendly
  • Future proof tech infrastructure and prepare operations for IoT
  • Use machine learning / AI services to provide valuable data insights for a call to action, eg more effective demand planning and management

Services & Results

  • Enable regulatory compliance (DSCSA)
  • Eliminate counterfeit and substandard drugs
  • Highlight quality issues by exception
  • Automated law enforcement notifications

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