No Piracy

Anti Piracy

If a counterfeit appears on any website on the internet, our platform will automatically remove it and notify you


Rapidly detect pirated content anywhere online

Source Detection

Copyright protection experts identify and update sources of piracy daily

Bot Scans 24/7

Crawl linking sites, cyberlockers, apps, social, streaming and P2P platforms


Machine learning uses your detection history to add new search rules


Automatically enforce copyright and follow up on sources

Automation Rules

Machine learning suggests new rules and keyword opportunities

Removal Follow-Up

Piracy experts pursue out-of-court actions to stop further violations

YouTube Expertize

As a YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we provide expert protection


Identify trends and track down infringers to the source

Real-time Documentation

Set up rules that instantly start the enforcement process for counterfeits

Performance Dashboards

Measure the impact of your actions through different report templates

Customized reports

Measure the business impact of your actions with tailor-made reports


See the impact of your brand protection actions

  • Trademark protection
  • Design protection
  • Patent protection
  • Monitoring of multiple marketplaces, auction sites & specialised e-commerce sites
  • Unlimited infringement removal
  • Protection against brand impersonation on social media networks
  • Cybersquatting, fake websites & fake webstores coverage
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Personalized data formats
  • Automatized report delivery
  • A business specific protection strategy

Benefits of Fake Or Not

  • 96% of success rate from detections to removals
  • Critical incident alerts
  • User-friendly with easy onboarding. No training required
  • Automated process
  • Real-time results
  • 24/7 protection
  • 99% enforcement rate on over 30 top marketplaces

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

High Performance Transaction Processing & Analytics

Our technology is built on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ which provides reliable and unified data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics. InterSystems has been named a Challenger in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. InterSystems has been recognized as a January 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Operational Database Management Systems.